Pissedconsumer.com: Interesting Complaint Find

From: pissedconsumer.com
So we ran across this complaint on pissedconsumer.com and it's really long so we listed some of the highlights below. \r\n\r\n"Recently my daughter attended Barbizon "training". True they do tell you they can not guarantee that your child will be signed. They sell you this saying they will prepare your child for this industry but they also promise other things in regards to what your paying for.I personally have shelled out $3,000 or more."\r\n\r\n"They said my child would recieve a make-up kit, textbook, & headshots as well as at the end would audition for agents."\r\n\r\n"When asked about the make-up kit we were told that is only for models. My child was in the pre-teen modeling & acting course. when asked about the textbook we were told they no longer used them."\r\n\r\n"the fashion show comes around where all clothes are provided by you, make-up is provided by you and i was also told no more than 5 guests! ive paid thousands of dollars and many hours just in traveling & i cant invite grandma & grandpa?"\r\n\r\n"Barbizon is a SCAM and people who are still attending the class or are thinking about it dont really know until they reach the end of forking out $?. Had i been 1 of the wiser people i wouldnt have paid the $ right? Wrong these people are great at what they do! Sales... dont get scammed dont spend your $ on this fake package. we got no make up kit no textbook no headshots no audition for agents no nothing"

Our Take

We were shocked to find the following note at the top of this complaint from the person who wrote this. Apparently, pissedconsumer.com does not allow people who write complaints then have them resolved take them down! Talk about scammy!  See the following note: \r\n\r\nUpdates to the review posted by author:\r\nUnfortunatly pissedcomsumer.com does not have a way to remove or edit your posts. I have to thank Laura from the Sacramento offices of Barbizon for doing everything she has.. even if nothing comes from any of it. I believe at this time Barbizon is trying to work with me and provide excellant services to remedy a bad experience. I wish I could remove the post but I suppose theis website might not provide any sort of customer service as they have no way to update comsumers to let them know how many of these places might actually take the step to work with their comsumers. Barbizon is franchise… just like your local McDonalds Starbucks ect… Have you ever walked into McDonalds and been given the wrong order? I know I have. You get home and your not happy & everyone in the car hears you as you grumble the whole way back to complain how everything was messed up. The differance is that when its fixed annd your driving back home those same people in the car get to know that you have been SATISFYED as a consumer. Pissedconsumer.com doesnt give people the oppertunity to let people know if something was resolved.My daughter had a bad experience.. yes but Barbizon is trying to fix that bad experience for her. And anyone that reads my review should be able to know that also. Consumers have the right to be displeased but also have the right to let people know “hey they fixed that”. Laura in the Sacramento office has been doing a wonderful job with customer service and trying to resolve the issue.