Is Barbizon a Scam?

I'm 13. i just started Barbizon on the 28th of April, and have had two classes so far. I have actually learned alot so far from them, and I made some new friends. but I have been reading online EVERYWHERE that Barbizon is a scam. Is this true? has anyone ever attended Barbizon, and did you get any jobs out of it? pleaseee only say it's a scam if you have personally attended and not gotten jobs.

Our Take

Top Model’s Take:\r\n\r\nI see this same question ALL THE TIME. “I saw some thing on the internet that Barbizon’s a scam.” But then you see a lot of positive testimonials on the Barbizon website as well. So what can you believe? When you read the complaints ask yourself…was this person really scammed or just an uneducated consumer…or could they just not afford the product? People complain about EVERYTHING online these days. Chances are if they would call the company rather than complaining on the internet they would get further with the resolution. Trust sources like the Better Business Bureau, read both positive and negative reviews and ask the company questions that you really want to know. Make an informed decision.\r\n\r\nAlso, BARBIZON IS A SCHOOL. If you are going into this just because you think you will be handed a job, you may be disappointed. Just like any vocational school or college, they give you the skills to get a job in the modeling or acting industry but it’s up to you to get it.\r\n\r\nAs someone who has been in the modeling industry for a number of years, I think Barbizon is a great place to start for some people, especially those living in smaller cities in the country.