A Grads Perspective of Barbizon

From: pissedconsumer.com
Okay so this consumer is not "pissed" but it's still on pissedconsumer.com. We try to post both sides of the story so here it is: \r\n\r\n"So the truth is that Barbizon doesn't promise you work but they teach you great skills that will help you throughout life. I think Barbizon is amazing and it gave me so much confidence and taught me so many skills that are helpful in other areas than modeling and acting. I came from a Barbizon center in Alabama (yes ALABAMA), and now I'm getting modeling jobs all over the country. If you really want to gain confidence and have a shot at making it big, than Barbizon is the place for you."

Our Take

Modelista’s Take:\r\n\r\nOkay so as a Barbizon grad myself I can appreciate this post for one reason: Honesty. This post highlights what Barbizon is all about: training, building confidence and opportunities. I especially like the highlighted point that there is no guarantee you will get a job, because THERE IS NOT GUARANTEE WHEN IT COMES TO JOBS IN THE MODELING AND ACTING INDUSTRY! Barbizon grads across the country scream Barbizon praises abut the confidence building that is built into every aspect of the curriculum. As a grad myself, I can tell you it’s amazing. As far as what to expect after you finish classes for Barbizon, it depends on you. There is a place in this industry for many different types of models but not everyone can work, it’s so competitive. You have to be willing to work hard, never give up. Just remember to have realistic expectations with Barbizon, don’t expect to be handed a job, you have to work for that part.