Review: “Barbizon Modeling School Ripoff Big Time Anahiem California”

This is for all Barbizon schools. I went there and started learning makeup and more. They were teaching me how to do runway modeling but I was to short for runway so they said I could never do it. Then after a while I dropped out because if I could never use the classes why would I go but they charged me full price anyways even for the couple of classes I didn't take.\r\n\r\nThen a couple of years later I saw a ad in the newspaper saying they needed teachers I called them and let them know I went through Barbizon classes and had been to some schools for tv commercials and more and they said they couldn't hire me because I didn't know enough? How do you not hire someone who took classes at your school because they know to little???

Our Take

Modelista’s Take:\r\n\r\nReally? This person wrote a complaint based on something that was their own undoing. First of all, this person is mad that they were not hired by Barbizon because Barbizon felt they were not knowledgeable enough, yet the person states they never even finished their Barbizon training. Of course you were not knowledgeable enough, you never finished! Why would they want to hire someone who didn’t finish their program?\r\n\r\nAnother thing to note is, if this person hated Barbizon so much why did they want to work here? I understand they told her she could not do runway work because she was too short but there are all sorts different kinds of modeling jobs and different types of models, if you are serious about this business giving up so easily is never going to get you anywhere. At least Barbizon was honest with their student. Barbizon didn’t do anything wrong here, plain and simple.